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Allergy to Metal Braces

     Some patients are born with more allergies to foods and products than the rest of us.  In my 25 year orthodontic career I have had very few patients with true allergies to the metal in the braces, elastic ties, or the wires.  It is more common for patients to have allergies to certain wires since the most advanced wires are a special alloy that contains nickel.  Nickel allergies although rare are more common in our populations. 

     If you are a new patient to braces and immediately develop allergy symptoms first notify the orthodontist and have the doctor determine the source of your allergic reaction.  Once the source of the allergy has been identified then alternative products can be used to achieve the same results. 

     If you are a patient that tends to have allergies I would recommend using the Invisalign system to straighten your teeth.  It is much less likely for plastic to cause allergic reactions in patients but not impossible.  If you do experience an allergic reaction work with your doctor to discover the best solution for your body.